Documentary: 41 minutes 40 seconds

We have uploaded a new video for all our $5 and higher patrons; Cumbemayo. This documentary was filmed in northern Peru as Kathy and I explored an exotic location few ever see.

There are many mysteries encountered as you wander the Andes. At times, you hear about places of intense mystery. Often, you actually find things unexplainable. When we were told of an ancient aqueduct system traversing the mountains high above Cajamarca (Peru) we didn’t think much about it. When we saw it for ourselves it was immediately clear this was among one of the most extraordinary things we had ever seen.

Perfectly hewn from stone, polished sides, walkways, and hydraulically controlled channels dug (at times) deep into the earth, these aqueducts are an engineering marvel. No one today could so accurately build such a thing as this.

Walking for miles, we were shocked to find numerous tunnels through the mountains. They continue to be a conduit for water from some distant glacial flow. Then we noticed something amazing never mentioned. 

Imagine our surprise when we found a nearby mountain-top overlooking Cajamarca had been transformed into a gigantic step pyramid. This far northern region of mystical Peru remains an enigma to those who find their way to Cumbemayo.

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