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Hi Folks... Kathy and I are excited you are here! As we progress you'll find information here about upcoming shows and guests, and anything else that we feel you are interested in.

Drop us a line if you have any suggestions. We always enjoy reading your messages!

Latest News!

Broadcast System Update

We attempted a broadcast about 2 weeks ago and discovered the software had issues. It took a week,m but the issues were resolved because the company supplied us with an updated version. Yeah, they knew it had issues and never bothered to let anyone know.

Since then, Kathy and I decided to expand the phone system. It just wasn't connecting into our broadcast software very reliably. Because of this, we decided to build Kathy a console specifically for callers. The equipment has been ordered and should arrive this week (Feb 19th). It will be installed and tested ahead of broadcast time.

This has been quite the learning experience! We thought everything was perfect... Live and learn, haha ; )

We expect to begin broadcasting within the next two weeks if all goes well.


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