The Jerry Wills Show
Jerry Wills is widely recognized as an international speaker and a prominent figure in radio and internet TV broadcasting, notably through his appearances on the Kevin Smith Show and hosting the Jerry Wills Show. His passion for broadcasting is evident in his unique and relaxed interviewing style. Jerry’s easygoing manner has a way of putting his guests at ease, allowing for more engaging and insightful conversations. His approachable demeanor and skillful interviewing techniques make his shows not only informative but also enjoyable for both his guests and the audience. Jerry’s love for broadcasting shines through in every episode, making him a beloved and respected figure in the world of radio and internet TV.

Healers Health Tips
Jerry, renowned for his work as a successful energy healer, has assisted thousands of individuals on their paths to wellness and balance. In addition to his explorative ventures, his expertise in energy healing is a significant aspect of his offerings. During his shows, Jerry dedicates time to answer questions from the audience, providing valuable insights and advice.

He doesn’t just stop at answering questions; Jerry also offers practical suggestions for supplements and practices that can aid in improving health and well-being. His approach is holistic, encompassing not just physical health but also emotional and spiritual well-being. Whether you’re seeking guidance on specific health issues or looking for ways to enhance your overall wellness, Jerry’s expertise as an energy healer offers a wealth of knowledge and practical advice. Tune into his shows for a unique opportunity to gain insights from a respected healer and benefit from his extensive experience.

The Café at the End of the Universe/Paranormal Stories
Are you curious about spiritual mysteries or eager to engage with extraordinary and gifted individuals? Then pull up a stool, savor a Cup of Chaos, and treat yourself to a delightful Orange Muffin at The Café at the End of the Universe! This unique spot is where you can encounter a fascinating array of guests – from psychics and astrologers to ghost hunters and other remarkably talented people.

It’s more than just a place; it’s an experience where lively conversations unfold, and intriguing topics are explored. You’re not just a listener but a participant. Call in, ask your burning questions, make new friends, and delve into subjects that have always piqued your curiosity. The Café at the End of the Universe is your gateway to learning about the extraordinary, the mystical, and the beyond. Join us and be part of a community where the unknown and the extraordinary come together in exciting dialogue!

Xpeditions TV Documentary’s
Jerry and Kathy Wills have dedicated years to exploring remote corners of the world, seeking out lost cities, forgotten knowledge, and ancient sites that have vanished in the mists of time. Since the start of their adventures, they have been meticulously documenting their travels. The short documentaries resulting from their explorations have garnered numerous awards and have been viewed by thousands across the globe. These exceptional programs, once publicly accessible, are now exclusively available in the members’ area of the Jerry Wills Show. This unique collection, rich in adventure and discovery, is a treasure trove for enthusiasts of ancient mysteries and uncharted territories, accessible only to the members of their community.

Fantastic Journey’s
Kathy and Jerry Wills are renowned documentary filmmakers and seasoned explorers, known for venturing into often perilous and seldom-trodden locales. For over twenty-five years, they have embarked on journeys to remote and sometimes dangerous destinations, uncovering ancient sites rarely witnessed by others. Their expeditions have been filled with remarkable adventures, yielding a wealth of incredible stories and insights.

These experiences and tales are a central feature of their show, “Jerry and Kathy’s Fantastic Journey.” The program is not only high in quality but also engaging and educational, offering viewers an immersive experience into the depth of their explorations and discoveries. Whether it’s exploring new territories, delving into diverse subjects, or interviewing knowledgeable experts, Kathy and Jerry bring a dynamic and informative perspective to their audience.

Their broadcasts, reflecting their unique adventures and encounters, allow viewers to vicariously experience the thrill of exploration and the richness of learning from varied cultures and histories. Join them on their show for an enlightening journey through the unknown and the mysterious.