A complex system of tunnels is rumored to exist beneath the Andes Mountains. Though no one during the last 70 years has ever entered to explore this system, it is said to transverse the South American continent. Until now this has only been considered a fable told by the locals who live in the mountains, then repeated by fortune hunters and explorers who attempted to find an entrance.

Many years ago Jerry Wills was shown one of the many entrances by an old friend who became ill. Jerry helped his friend recover and in gratitude, the secret location was shown. It was not to be revealed until after his death.

During the mid 20th century a group of explorers entered these tunnels and were lost. Weeks later, the Peruvian military sent in a team to locate them. They too were lost forever except for one man. He, weeks later, was discovered beneath the stone floor of a church in central Cusco. Mad and nearly starved, he told an incredible story of dead-falls, traps, and ghost warriors. Today, that entrance is sealed and nearby entrances are guarded.

Was this real? I needed to know…

You are about to discover this tunnel system is not a myth. Mysteries hidden there are still waiting to be brought to light. No one knows when this extraordinary tunnel system was constructed, or by whom. All that’s known for certain is once you enter you find yourself traveling a terrifying maze Deep Across the Andes…

With special feature from years ago promoting the late Kevin Smith. We often did this for Kevin.

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