Life On Earth Report 5

As usual, madness is smothering reason worldwide. Mass Formation Psychosis has invaded the minds of people across the globe! How did this happen? Why is it happening?! What decision, made in the 50s led to where we are now? Thanks to some old research from Kathy, I think I’ve figured this out. It staggered me and I’m sure it WILL surprise you!

Plus, other news items from the Chaos Files!

Of course, we want to know your worries about all of this and what really pisses YOU off!!! Let’s talk about it in an uncensored and unrestricted environment.

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  1. Jerry Wills

    Hi Folks!

    • Jane

      Greetings from Central Louisiana !

      • Jane

        I am having all kinds of problems buying Bitcoin. I can’t get verified on, i don’t have a cell phone. Can anyone help me? William is very very expensive. I believe his info. I believe him that Gold is like treading water, not getting ahead.

    • Jane

      It will affect the Elites, they will also have gas shortages for their planes, cars, boats, etc., their supplies. Although supposedly they have cities 7 miles underground that are completely stocked for years.

    • Jane

      Is International line working from Canada? My friend in Canada will try to call in.

    • Jane

      Is International line off too ? I so much want you and kathy to meet Lorilea Plotvin in Canada. She fets a message that you are not live.

    • Jane

      It is breaking my heart that musicians and entertainers are having to be jabbed to keep working.

      Thanks for the show. Love ya’ll. I hope you can communicate with Lorilei. She is a friend of Aage Nost and Japhy Ryder and many of your friends. I would love to see you on her monday night show and see her on your show. She is very special – a psychic medium and Akaschic record record reader and other talents.

    • Mori

      This was a great show. Sorry I missed it live last night. Is this a regular time? I love your background screen and feel very comfortable with the thought of you broadcasting from a craft off-planet, lol…wondering if you would share where to acquire such a delightful background with us? I’m looking forward to decalcifying my pineal gland and will share this info with others, especially family. I have been aware of the fluoride problem for over 4 decades and always go for filtered reverse osmosis water. Sometimes going to much trouble to avoid tap water…

      Did I mention how much I enjoyed this show? Found you on Gaia and watched everything, and then followed you here. Virtual connections aren’t the best but they sure beat not connecting at all so I am one grateful light being.

      Love and gratitude to you and Kathy.

  2. Brent

    Hi, guys.

  3. Robin in Raleigh

    Always follow the money! It’s sickening.

  4. A-A-ron

    I got sick in 2017 in Sun City, AZ. Then in October 2019 I had a severe asthma attack and had to go to the hospital as I could not breathe. Have not had asthma attacks since the 1990’s.

  5. linda

    Hi. I saw an article on telegram saying black cumin seed can be used for iverm. have you heard of this?

  6. Brent

    Alright. Phones not working so…

    The bad thing about the truckers and the Canadian border is that Canada’s main port was flooded out a few months ago so they are getting their stuff through US ports. If you think we are going to be hurting, Canada is really going to be hurting, especially if all of those truckers walk.

  7. Aaron

    06 January 2022 article by The Remnant News Paper headline; “Japan Dropping All Vaxxine Mandates, Places Myocarditis Warning on Label. Myocarditis is Inflammation of the heart muscle.

  8. Brent

    The other thing I was going to ask concerns the economy. I am pretty sure several people have said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result. If the economy really does collapse are you sure you want to rebuild and economy that is based upon any money based system? The reason I ask is because any form of money is far too easily corrupted. Do I have an alternative? No but I would be interested in learning what kinds of economic systems are used on different planets and in different solar systems.

    How do we do this? The only way I can think of is astral projection and remote viewing.

  9. Valdez


    Did you know in Washington State the State the Dept of Health is attempting to pass WACs that allow:

    • Unvoluntarily Detainment in Confinement Centers for refusal to examination, testing, treatment, counseling and Vaccination.

    • Force vaccinations for children to attend school.

    A public online webinar was held today by the state for input.

    Here is a link for more info:

  10. Richard H.

    Your live stream is stopping every 10 seconds or so. I have a 5G phone but maybe it will improve as the show goes on.

    • Valdez

      Yes, this happened all throughout the broadcast for me.
      Very disruptive.

  11. Jane

    Potvin. She is wonderful. Thunder Bay, Canada.

  12. Brent

    Another topic is this mass psychosis thing. I think I wrote my first opinion about this being a psychological warfare operation back in late April of 2020. I still stand by that opinion.

    Now, my oldest brother is normally fairly intelligent. When I was talking to him last week he was saying that your immunity to this Omicron variant is based upon your vaccination status. Uh … hello? Is anybody home? The human body has an immune system all its own. If you take care of yourself (diet and exercise and supplements for those who use them) you should be just fine.

    As an aside, I am in a weird situation. I don’t worth there any more but my former employer knows she can call me in in an emergency. She knows I have not gotten any snake bites and that I am not going to get any. She has called me in far too many times to could to cover for those who have had a full regime of snake bites but have still gotten sick. What’s a guy to do?

  13. Richard

    You are the only place I have ever heard this from not anywhere else. How can this be?

  14. Christine

    Soy also ruins men. Video games have ruined many good men.

  15. Richard

    I was referring to the athletes diving

  16. Lorilei Potvin

    I agree with Everything You’re saying but as a Registered Nurse & Mama to a 23 year old son with severe Autism, after watching the documentary Vaxxed & Vaxxed 2, I believe they started the depopulation agenda as well as practiced for “The Big One”, meaning the jab today, they did it with the Autism epidemic 1st, just 1 of the evil agenda pieces they’ve done to practice

  17. Anna Brunner

    question around the iodine – i use one that is both iodine and iodide – in Iodoral 12.5 mg. i learned about this from a Dr Brownstein MD on . he explains that over 75% of people in the US are low on iodine which causes thyroid issues which sets off a whole host of issues.

  18. Lorilei Potvin

    I’m in Canada & it’s been pausing every 30-60 seconds, I know it’s not Your fault & figured possibly you being throttled with Your ISP? I’ve enjoyed this, thank You, it’s my 1st time watching

  19. Demetra

    I guess I missed this!

  20. Schjelde

    Thanks for the very comprehensive, fluoride protocol !

  21. Ayelet H.

    Hello Jerry & Kathy,
    Its been a while since I last heard from you.
    I am from Israel, and living in a sort of a bubble for the last few years, even before this “plandemic”. A self chosen hermit lifestyle for awhile, just in order to shake off years of hard work, and be more what I chose to be.
    Anyhow, this does not mean that I was out of touch with what’s happening in the world.
    To make my contribution to your list of recommendations for keeping in good shape and avoiding the “snake-bite” at all cost – may I suggest to your audience to start taking CHYAWAN-PRASH. It is a all-round nutriment which is made from many different roots and fruits and herbs, and is very very old. The recipe for it is found in the Vedas. It looks a bit like a fruit jam, and the taste is sweet-sour-spicy. You take a tea spoon on an empty stomach twice a day. I was healed from a pneumonia by it in less than three days. And many of my friend started using it after they’ve discovered how effective it is on Colds, Flue, Pneumonia, Blocked nose, Coughs, and throat & ears infections etc. You can find a lot of info about this Ayurvedic supplement in the Internet, on good Ayurvedic websites. There are literally hundreds of manufacturers around the world. Most of them are good.
    I leave you to do your own research. But just add that my neighbors had both kids with pneumonia two weeks ago. One was treated with Antibiotics and the other with CHYAWAN-PRASH that I gave them. The 2nd one was healed in two days. The 1st one – in 3 weeks and she is still not so well. Food for thought.


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