Memories of UFAUX

Release Date: February 10th, 2023
Duration: 00:07:05

Jim Delettoso, Susan Gordan, and Jerry Wills met one summer afternoon at a UFO convention in Phoenix, Arizona hosted by Tim Beckley (Mr. UFO). In a crowded hallway with participants pushing past each other to get to the next speaker, the three were caught and pressed together in a doorway leading to one of the conference rooms. This crowded doorway is where what would become UFAUX would be born.

During the next 10 years, their original music would be rehearsed often each week. The goal was to be ready for concerts and recordings. During the following years, UFAUX would perfect its music and style. No one had heard or seen anything like them. As they performed you would see a huge video projection that filled one vast wall. Their music was the soundtrack to the computer-generated images lasting over two hours.

The music was divided into two movements: Mind Music and Body Music. Mind music was meant to stimulate the mind and assist in opening greater levels of awareness. Body music was intended to get you moving once a greater state of awareness had occurred.

For nearly 10 years, their music was legendary. Concerts around the southwest, California, and Colorado thrilled the audience. Those were days of magic, inspiration, and mindblowing music.

Unfortunately, as each of their lives evolved, separate destinies beckoned and the three performers of UFAUX would each follow different paths. UFAUX quietly faded into history.

Now, more than a quarter century later, their music remains as unique today as it was in the beginning. This short documentary allows for a glimpse into the unique people who created UFAUX. The music you hear, Future Past, is a fitting reminder of the brilliance of the performers and the message it so perfectly, and loudly, proclaimed; Your Jeans WILL be untwisted.

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