Several years ago our son Bryce related a story about being shown a hidden tunnel at the rear of a 15th century Jesuit church. Bryce was living in Peru at the time. 

Having followed his friend Inside, he and his companion, a local boy whose family lived nearby, crawled through a narrow passageway into the first of many rooms.

Until their expulsion from Peru by the Catholic Church, the Jesuits hoarded treasures of gold and art here. The catacombs beneath this ancient church are a marvel of engineering and stealth. Tunnels branch out in many directions.

Along these corridors, you can expect to find pitfalls and booby traps meant to keep their treasure safe.

Now, these rooms are empty. The golden treasures of the Inca and precious stones from throughout South America have all vanished without a trace. 

All that remains here now is a large wall mural depicting a reptilian looking man in a classic monks robe.  There is no explanation of who or what this was.

This being is shown standing in a field of unidentifiable plants. It has gazed from the tomb-like darkness and mud walls of this room for untold centuries. 

Two years after being told about the image, we mounted an expedition with Bryce to retrace his steps. We hoped to relocate the tunnel, go inside, and document what is there. 

But, is it still there? Is it as dangerous as Bryce has told us it is?  What will we find?

The results? You’ll need to see this for yourself!

One thing is certain from our experiences… There are still incredible mysteries hidden within the Sechura desert just beyond Piura.

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  1. Laura McMullen

    That was very cool Jerry. Oh how I wish you could have gone in that tunnel and showed us what exactly was on that wall but as they say shit happens right. Thanks for sharing that was awesome.


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