Armchair Traveler
$2 / Month
Thank you for supporting all we're doing! At this level of support you have our deepest appreciation! Plus, you have a front-row seat for any scheduled LIVE broadcasts, our travel camera LIVE feed [when active], Life on Earth Reports, and select interviews.
All LIVE Broadcasts
Access to select Audio Archives
Access to the Xpeditions LIVE PTZ Video Camera camera
Life on Earth Reports
Select Video Archives
$5 / Month
You LOVE adventure and exploration! Sure, you can't always go, but you still enjoy living in the moment as you read or watch a program. In fact, you easily see yourself climbing that mountain or wandering the jungle in search of a lost city where some ancient mystery will be uncovered. Well, we're taking you with us virtually! Supporters at this tier receive...
All Armchair Traveler benefits, Plus...
A photo periodically sent from wherever we are as we travel
A photo sent from any research expedition when outside the US
Our GPS Tracking Map
Jerry's Lecture Recordings
Healers Stories [Video]
Jerry reads Healer: The Jerry Wills Story
Book Reading
Fantastic Journey: Tocache [as it's being written]
Kevin Smith Show: Filipove Files
Ancient America Broadcast
Ancient America: Asian Connection Broadcast
UFAUX Story and Music
Interviews and Conversations
$15 / Month
Everyone loves this tier because it offers so much! Welcome to the Adventure of a Lifetime!
All from Adventurer, Plus...
Access to The Explorers Group, an open invitation to join us on any adventure in the US!
Access to all Audio & Video Archives
Download Audio for your Library
Interview: Prof. Lachezar Filipov ET Contact and Message
Kathy's Green Drink recipe [Living Food]
Kathy's Lost City Chili recipe
Kathy's Cleanse One recipe [Bowel Cleansing]
Explorers Only Zoom Meetings [coming Spring 2024]
The Lost City Package
$25 / Month
As a $25 supporter, you will receive a nice souvenir bought during our international travels. Also, we will call you from some far-flung part of the world to let you know how things are going... AND, you'll receive a digital photo taken as we spoke with you! You are now an associate producer for any video documentary we produce.
Everything from Explore Membership, Plus...
Jerry's Classes [1 ~ 4]
Dr. Lachezar Filipov Interrogation [Smuggled Video]
Associate Producer Credit
An unscheduled phone call from wherever we are (worldwide)
Souvenirs From Elsewhere (only when on an expedition outside the US)
Photo (digital) taken during our phone call (emailed to you)
Unscheduled Call from Expedition [when possible]
Travel Producer - Expedition Assistant
$100 / Month
At this support level, you are now part of the team whenever you are with us on any expedition, domestic or abroad! PLUS, you receive a 10% discount on any scheduled trip that we charge for (Peru for example). You'll also see your name in the credits as a producer for any documentary videos we produce.
Everything from The Lost City Membership, Plus...
10% Trip Discount [to qualify for the 10% discount requires 6 month membership]
Xpeditions Support Team Member
Option to join us on any extended research expedition after the scheduled trip
Producer Credit