Created 2006
Duration: 28:03

The first video ever made for Xpeditions TV. It came about when Kathy and I decided to follow everyone’s advice; Create videos of your journeys and adventures so we can see what you have seen.

Equipped with a cheap Sony camera we headed off to Peru and at the last minute decided to make this video. Once we return home the footage was edited and we sent it out to our friends. They loved it! Yeah, we were a little surprised by how excited they were after seeing it.

After this, we started producing a stream of videos every trip we made south to Peru. These journeys offered us an opportunity to make new videos.

Eventually, we moved to Peru for a year (that happened twice) and shot many remote places few have seen. As we continued, our equipment got better and so did our skills.

Puchar is an amazing place. No one alive knows who made this place or why it was once such an important shrine. 

The truth of what it once was intended to be has been lost to time. Now, only the faded memories of local Shamen provide us with a brief glimpse into the forgotten past. Theirs is now more myth than fact… or is it?

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