On a remote plateau high in the Andes is Marcawasi, a great stone museum created long before the Egyptian Pyramids or the Sphinx. Its builders are only known as The Masma, a vanished culture who constructed such places as Marcawasi throughout the ancient world.

Marcawasi sits perched high atop a remote Andean plateau as it has for countless thousands of years. Here, you find figures of animals, human faces all carefully carved from stone. The first thing anyone will see when they arrive at Marcawasi is an incredible great stone head, called the Face of Humanity, towering in front of you.

Nothing is known about those who created these incredible features. All we can surmise is that they were placed upon this remote mountaintop to memorialize something very important within now forgotten chapters of Earths history.

This is a difficult place to climb to. If you go, there is nothing here but the wind and sun, and the occasional condor floating silently overhead. The human presence is seldom experienced here, yet the voices of ages past still linger like whispers on the wind. There is an undeniable presence that remains of the original intent of Marcawasi’s builders who chose this location because of a powerful vortex of energy spiraling upward into the cosmos.

This is a very spooky place where reality collides with the unexplainable. So many unexplainable and strange things happen here…

This, the first episode of Xpeditions TV takes you on a journey far into the Andes to explore a place few have ever seen, and even fewer have ever spent more than a few hours at. We will be here for 3 nights.

Tonight, there is a full moon and a million stars overhead. We have camped at 13,000 feet elevation and the air is so thin it’s hard to breathe. If you patiently watch, you might see strange lights floating nearby. Yes, UFO’s are commonly seen here.

You are about to encounter a long-forgotten message from the far distant past. To explore this fantastic site allows us to peel back layers of myth and experience as we reveal the Secrets of Markawasi…

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