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Episode 11: Sillustani
Duration: 00:14:37

High on the Peruvian Altiplano near Lake Titicaca and The Doorway of Aramu Muru sits an enigma called Sillustani. There are huge monolithic structures here that have been placed on a tall hill. These are known as Chulpa’s. 

These are stone towers whose base is smaller than their top. The stones used in the construction are massive and in a few instances, they are decorated with raised relief images of snakes and other figures. The effort taken to construct these monoliths is difficult to comprehend. 

Dotting the landscape, you see they have been placed in what seems to be a random pattern, though their placement is not at all haphazard. There is deep science here from a long-forgotten time. 

Many Chulpa’s are in disrepair. Gigantic blocks of basalt – the only stone harder than this is diamond – have been thrown from their topmost placement in a line extending westwardly. No one knows who made this place, or why it was made, though an examination of the site suggests it was made by the same “Gods” handiwork we have seen throughout South America.

Sillustani is incredibly old and filled with hidden details few ever find or consider. 

Upon one stone you find an illustration of what I believe to be the Milky Way Galaxy. Upon this etching are a pair of carefully drilled (yes, precisely drilled!) holes. One seems to illustrate where “we” are at the outer spiral’s arm. The other is shown at a distance closer to the center. Each hole is a powerful magnetic point that easily sways any compass. 

There is also an arrow pointing to one region. It is not really clear if this is where the earth is located, or not! 

Across the plateau where these monoliths are erected you casually walk across grass tufts and protruding stones. I carefully examined the stones and found those visible stones corresponded to star placement when viewing the night sky. I’m certain a greater story, and more profound details are hidden here beneath the topsoil.

No… The placement of each Chulpa is not random.

A journey to this remote site brings you up close to an alien frame of reference written upon towering Basalt monoliths. There is an ancient story here. The memories are whispered on the endless winds of the high Altiplano. The lost knowledge of who and why is locked away within the stones and grounds of a far off and very remote place called Sillustani.

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