While closely examining the features of Peru’s southern provinces with satellite imagery from Google Earth, Kathy Wills discovered an odd shape on Peru’s Altiplano. Kathy eventually determined the figure resembled the legendary Birdmen of Peru. 

A year later, Google updated their images and the mysterious figure was no longer visible. Plans were made and an expedition was scheduled to see for ourselves what was there. The answers surprised everyone…

A great mystery silently resides there. Who were these enigmatic men who flew across the Andes, into the Amazon, and were knowledgeable of as far away as Easter Island? Were they really Shamen, or something else? 

The records of their existence are well documented by priests who lived here and the Aymara who still remember their magic. We may never know. The Spanish were through destroying ancient records claiming heresy.

Now, all we can do is stand atop a lonely mountaintop and wonder… And dream about The Birdmen of Peru.

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