Run Time: 20:40
Created ages ago from a crack in the mountain, the temple of the Moon is as old as time itself. No one knows who made this, or why. Incredibly, above the altar, a hole was tunneled through to the top of the mountain allowing light to fall upon the altar.

In this area, the moon and sun follow a perfect trajectory. At midheaven, the moon or sun crosses exactly, and directly, over this manmade hole to fall upon the huge stone altar buried deep inside the mountain.

To see this at night is beyond words. Imagine this… A totally dark cave, with only the light of the full moon shining down through the hole. The light takes on a blueish hue and illuminates the altar. Nothing else is illuminated. It is upon this altar the auric field surrounding your body becomes fully visible. Wisps of energy mingle with the inherent energy of this place. The colors mixed by swirling energy is fantastic, playful, and supernatural.

Whoever created this place knew what the result would be. That much is obvious because of the intrinsic design that was so carefully put in place. But who did this, and what was their reason? What did they know that our world has lost? What was the reason for creating this magnificent underground temple? Was it simply to show the beauty of the human spirit, or something more?

There are many questions waiting to be answered. And above all else, a deep mystery is silently held within the depths of a mountain where you find a polished-like-glass stone alter inside a rock womb called the Temple of the Moon.

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