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Last week we discovered Facebook no longer allows us (or anyone) to broadcast directly into Facebook groups. It took about a week to figure this out. Fortunately, we have a solution… We can stream our LIVE content directly into Crowdcast. It takes a little more set-up time and effort but the quality is often better than Facebook. In fact, we can usually stream right for our iPhone if we need to!

Keep in mind, like Facebook, you need to set-up a free account with Crowdcast. You can do that by visiting Crowdcast.io, but keep in mind only our supporters can watch the archives and video broadcasts.

The Next Journey Begins
Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) we leave Phoenix. We’re returning to the Quartzite, Parker, Lake Havasu City, and Southern California areas to continue our investigation into ancient and forgotten places. Part of this research concerns a great mystery about the origins of the Aztecs. We plan to create an adventure/ documentary film about this during the winter. 

During the last few weeks, Kathy has compiled several resources from other researchers. These items cover things like the GPS coordinates of Geoglyph’s (Intaglios) scattered across the Mojave Desert (technically, intaglios are giant pictographs [often over 100′ long] of symbolic lines, people and animals similar to Nazca, Peru where the topsoil and rock is scraped back exposing lighter colored soil beneath), research documents from the 1400s to present, and books others have written over the past 100 or so years. There are hundreds of geoglyphs. While it’s true that many are damaged, many more are still in good enough condition to clearly see. This is a huge research project…

Additionally, there are an unknown number of indigenous sites where these ancient people lived. At some of these locations, they created impressive solar calendars and ceremonial sites. These sites continue on into Mexico. Of course, at the time these people lived there, there was no border. Though we know something of where to find these sites in Mexico I doubt we’ll venture southward at this time.

Explorers Group
For you who are at the $15 support level (or higher), you are invited to join us for any part or all of our journey. Once we get to the area we’ll advise you of the plan, dates, and locations. If you can, we would love to have you join us. Though it is cold throughout most of the northern hemisphere, these areas are typically much warmer and the weather conditions are mild.

Aside from the investigation, we will also share our research notes with you! If you’re inclined, you’re welcomed to help us uncover more details even if you cannot travel.

All Patrons
One additional thing… Regardless of your support level, ability to participate, or ability to travel, Kathy & I will try to broadcast frequently from the sites to all our supporters. Our ability to do this will be determined by the availability of a solid cell connection. And, as mentioned at the beginning of this message, the broadcasts will very likely be provided through Crowdcast unless something changes… and it might change again. We have no way to know. So, with that in mind, be sure to join LIVE Broadcasts and The Explorers Group on Facebook, and turn on notifications. Most of the time these broadcasts are not planned – done at the moment when something is found, or something happens we want to share with you.

The Journey Begins
We fire up the warp drive on Thursday to start the next part of our Fantastic Journey. For us, Thanksgiving has always been a time to remember what we’re thankful for. This Thanksgiving we’re truly grateful for you : ) Without your support our adventures would not be possible. Our broadcast equipment, cameras, internet connections (we now have two – one for the Phaeton and a portable one for fieldwork), and subscriptions to universities for research papers and much more are made possible thanks to your support. We are thankful for YOU, our supporters!

We’ll have more for you later! For now, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

BTW, if you haven’t become a member yet you might want to consider it! We have a lot planned for the months ahead : )

Best Wishes, Folks!
Jerry & Kathy

We’ll have an announcement soon about the next Jerry Wills Show guest. Plus, Kathy & I are planning another episode of Fantastic Journeys during the first of December. This time the subject will be the first Tocache Expedition of June 2000. This was a very dangerous journey into the largely unexplored portion of the Amazon Jungle of North-Central Peru, and the details are taken directly from the handwritten journal from that expedition that no one has ever had access to. It’s one hell of a story and we are really excited to share this with you!