Broadcast Date: August 14th, 2022
Broadcast Duration: 1:00:00

I’ve been asked many times to tell folks about the many healings I have participated in over the years. Because it isn’t easy for me to talk about myself, I generally provide a simple version of an event without going into detail. Why? I don’t know, really… I just feel I’m making a big deal of what I was involved in I guess. After all, it was actually God’s presence that the healings occurred. In my mind, it had very little to do with me…

A couple of months ago, a good friend suggested I create a show like the one you’re about to watch. Like before, I said, “Sure…” and left the idea alone. A few days later I mentioned this suggestion to Kathy during one of our conversations. She told me it was time and I should do this. Many years ago I started listening to Kathy and acting on her advice. I was still uncomfortable with the idea but pushed on.

I spent several weeks interviewing a few people I had worked with, editing the footage, and creating several blocks of video to draw from to create this program. With this broadcast, I begin the series many have asked for. Kathy and I hope it serves to illustrate what is possible and perhaps, in some small way, provide hope there are possibilities beyond what we currently know. We both hope you enjoy this new series.