Cryptids, Crop Circles, Orbs, and Coherent Matter
Broadcast Date: November 6th, 2022

Dr. Simeon Hein is a former university professor in statistics and research methods. He came across the idea of remote viewing in 1996 and took a class as a skeptic. The results of the training were surprisingly positive and convinced Dr. Hein that there is a large area of scientific knowledge that is being withheld from public discussion. Subsequently, he established the non-profit Institute for Resonance and began teaching remote viewing classes in Boulder, Colorado, and continues to teach online. He also became interested in the topics of crop circles, unexplained aerial phenomena, and extraterrestrials. His most recent book is Dark Matter Monsters: Cryptids, Ball Lightning, and Science of Secret Lifeforms.

During our interview, we dive into how Remote Viewing, Crop Circles, UFOs, and Cryptids have some of the same underlying scientific principles as Cold Fusion and Quantum Mechanics. We will also hear his theory about how ancient lifeforms may be based on coherent matter, and how this type of matter is involved with cloaking, teleportation, and invisibility.

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