Broadcast Date: August 15th, 2001
Broadcast Duration: 1 hour

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No one since the initial recording has ever heard this audio file. Not even those who attended this conversation. Once recorded, Kathy and Jerry began their worldwide travels. The recording has been stored on an old hard drive in a safe, until now. The original audio file was a very poor quality recording and, until now, not listenable. Only recently this audio recording was sonically improved and restored with state-of-the-art software. This was only possible because of the support of our community (Thank You!). You are the first to hear this recording since the night it was created. In fact, it was never meant to be made public…

From 1998 until 2001, Kathy and Jerry sought to explain and identify the location of the “Lost City in the Grand Canyon”. This was more myth than truth at that time. It took several years to uncover documents telling us the “lost city” was actually very real.

Many believed it to be Egyptian. They were certain this was not the case once Kathy’s research moved their attention to Asia.

The only way to actually know was to travel across the high desert across a forbidding landscape to approach the truth. From 1998 until early August 2001, Jerry and Kathy assembled a team of adventurers and explorers with numerous specific talents and traveled several times to the location they had decided was the only reasonable spot where the city could be located.

This recording is the only record of the conversation The Extreme Team had about the conclusion of those trips. You are a fly on the wall listening to what was never intended for the public.