Record Date: July 18th, 2001

Kathy and I just found a twenty-year-old audio archive that has never been made public… No one has ever heard this interview. Not even the man I interviewed.

Many years ago Kathy and I started our own radio show right after our return from an extraordinary expedition to Peru. It never went anywhere and our attempt lasted about 4 months. But, during that time, we experimented with interviews and how to best record.

Armed with an old Mac computer and cheap microphones, we managed to capture ONE interview we felt was amazing.”Zeke” tells us about amazing things he has seen and describes how people he knows found ancient knowledge they used. This one is very interesting!

The program was recorded around 1999 just a month ahead of us going on the road. The guest, who wanted to remain anonymous, is simply called “Zeke”. His real name is John Dean… John spent many years looking into ancient sites of the Southwest. His focus was predominantly around Utah.

You will hear mention of Channel-U and Xpeditions Magazine, both our creations.

Xpeditions Magazine was later fazed out to become Xpeditions TV and again phased out to become The Jerry Wills Show. Channel-U was created in fun. It was simply a way to tell everyone there is no need to channel someone else when you should first get good at channeling yourself… Thus, Channel U was born. We still own that URL and perhaps one day we’ll reignite that old flame. 

Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy this interview. It has been remastered and updated with the latest technology to sound acceptable. Let us know what you think, please!

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