Hi Folks… As many of you already know from our Facebook LIVE broadcasts, Kathy and I have arrived to Laughlin, Nevada. It was our “shake down cruise”. And yes, we found a few things to pay attention to as the result of traveling in this 40+ foot apartment on wheels. For example, dishes! Nothing was broken but they sure crash together when you hit a bump. Kathy will have this (and the dishes) covered soon : )

The sunshade, an electrified version of a sun visor, broke free of it mounts during the trip. It crashed with a loud and startling sound as I navigated a narrow highway out of Wickenburg, Az. Hanging there by its power wires, I eventually stopped and cut it free. That needs to be replaced now… $205! Damn : /

The instant-on hot water system no longer works. I still need to figure that one out. A call to Girard customer service is my next obligation. Hopefully they have answers.

Finally, I discovered I had connected one bank of the electrical system incorrectly. It works great while we’re attached to shore power, but nothing as we travel. That’s an easy fix, just annoying. I’ll need to shut off all power and reconnect the system correctly. Fortunately, an easy thing to do.

The UFO MegaCon
Last night (around 7pm) we drove our Jeep over to the Aquarius Casino/Hotel to see what the conference was like. It was dinner time and everyone was enjoying a pasta feast. The food was pretty good… not great. Wine was on each table and conversations were lively. Everyone (or so it seemed) had to tell me their story in detail. Many already knew me by sight and wanted to say “Hi!” or tell me details I needed to know about their experiences. It was a busy hour (I only stayed an hour, haha).

Kathy and I plan to go back later today. As I mentioned to you a few months ago, I want to find a few people for the show…. and there are quite a few very interesting people here, and it not just presenters! I’ll keep you updated as this develops.

BTW, we will again broadcast from the conference at some point today on our private FB channel (LIVE Broadcasts). We hope you can catch it LIVE. If you are online during the broadcast we would enjoy hearing from you – what or who do you want to see? If you cannot catch us LIVE, catch the replay.

Who to Interview?
Take a look at the speakers list. Do you see anyone you feel would be interesting to have on? if so, let us know. I have until next Saturday. 

Saturday morning, Kathy & I need to leave and will probably head up to Las Vegas. What will we do there??? Haha, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas : )

Just kidding…  : )) We’ll figure out the next part of our fantastic journey later. For the most part we’re sometimes making things up as we go, haha… Seriously though, Kathy has a few ancient sites she’s interested to check out. There’s a lot of strange ancient places near here…. and we’re taking you with us!

Best Wishes
Jerry & Kathy