May 23rd, 2020
Duration: 00:04:25

Today, we were planning to begin traveling again… That isn’t happening.

Yesterday we loaded up the Jeep and took several items we don’t travel with to storage. I rode the BMW GS 1100 Adventure while Kathy followed with a full Jeep. It was a very long trip though only 45 miles. You see, traffic was wall to wall. We thought there must be an accident. There was not… I hit a top speed of 50mph (80.47kph). But, most of the way it was only 35 or 40mph (56.33~64.37kph) because there were so many vehicles on the road.

Kathy advised we should wait until after the Memorial Day Weekend. I reluctantly agreed (we’re both ready to GO!)

This morning, I checked the traffic (visible from where we’re parked) at 8am. There were so many vehicles, and they were only barely creeping along! Again, I considered it might be due to an accident. Nope… It’s now 1pm and the traffic has not subsided. It’s STILL creeping along!!!

We both are aware of how dangerous and difficult it is to pilot the Phaeton in heavy traffic. We’ve done this many times, but not by choice. Given a choice, we would avoid it. Plus, it IS getting much hotter here in the desert. To creep down the road, climb the nearby mountains, and navigate this traffic is stressful.

So, we’re waiting until Monday. We’ll reevaluate the conditions Monday morning. We theorize these folks headed northward will likely be headed back home on Monday and it will be an easier journey. I guess we’ll find out in a couple of days!

We’ll keep you posted! When we DO go, we will switch on our GPS beacon so you can follow our journey. It’s currently off but you can see where we’re parked for now. I realize many of you who recently joined might not know about this fun feature your support offers. So, there’s a dandy link below! You can also send us a message with the GPS system, but we consider this a “fall-back system” when no other means allows for messaging. We prefer you send us messages through Patreon.

Using this map you can see every route saved from when we started our exploration and journey since we bought the Garmin InReach Explorer. If you check closely, you will also see exactly where the quartz crystal plateau is located in southern Arizona. Yes, every location we have traveled is there. 

BTW, this feature is made possible because of YOU! 

Every dollar we receive through Patreon from your support is only used to cover expenses like new equipment, subscriptions (like the one allowing for the GPS beacon and map), internet connection, and software used to make videos and broadcasts. It is because of your support all that we do is possible. Because we are so deeply grateful, Kathy & I say “Thank you for being part of our community!!!”  : )

Ok… Here’s your link: Garmin GPS Beacon Map 

We’ll be in touch soon, folks! Until then we will try to stay cool… That’s not easy as the temperatures rise above 105º (40.6ºC) here in the deserts of the great southwest.

Best Wishes
Jerry & Kathy