Hi Folks … The last few weeks I have had a side job. I’ve decided – because of Kathy – I should rerecord The Star Trek Song, redo the vocals, and publish it.

To accomplish this I knew I would need help. After a few days of reading through profiles and listening to samples of their music, I found two very talented musicians on Fivver.com to help with this. The guitar player is from Slovenia. The Cellist is from Alabama (USA). Both are masters at their instruments.

I have more work to do with this. It’s a slow process to address each of the 20 tracks and do magic that creates something well beyond what they recorded for me. Like video editing, mixing and mastering music is not only a skill, it is an art form… and, it’s been several years since I tackled a project like this.

With this post, you’ll find the guitar track above. The Cello part is attached and likely needs to be downloaded to play it. These are 96k .WAV files. What this means is they are the highest quality possible without standing in the studio listening to these instruments live. Most computers easily play .WAV files. However, if you have any issues, simply download the .mp3 files.

Once you listen to each mixdown, imagine how this all sounds together. We’ve already heard it… It sounds fantastic to Kathy and me. I still need to record the vocals, which I think will happen this weekend. Once I have that part finished, and mastering is completed,  Kathy & I will send you the finished song.

Meanwhile, let me know what you think of each track. I’m truly interested to hear your opinions/thoughts on this.

Ok, that’s all for now. I’ll wait to hear from you amazing and wonderful friends!

Best Wishes

Ps… Please don’t share this music with anyone or place it online. If that happens I could be kept from actually releasing it.