Hi folks… We are currently camped out on the side of Cheyanne Mountain. To my right are lights up on the mountain… Yeah, it’s kinda freaky (if you know what Cheyanne Mountain is, you’ll understand), and extraordinarily beautiful here. To my left, a thousand feet below, are the lights of Colorado Springs We have an incredible spot for the night. I’ll show you on FB LIVE tomorrow morning before we leave.

It was a great day hanging with our friends at Gaia. From what Kathy (and others) had to say (while watching it being filmed) the episode is another really good one! Here’s a shot Kathy took while sitting with the folks in the control room. The blond lady (not Kathy of course) you see in this shot with her back to the camera is Julie, the executive producer for Gaia TV. Her past work experience? Well, she was the producer for Dr. Phil and Oprah… and quite a few others! As it turned out, she and Kathy were born in the same County in Nebraska!

Once the shoot was completed, the crew, producers, Regina, and Kathy and I went to the cafeteria for lunch. I never knew Gaia has a full service cafeteria! The food was delicious!!! Sorry… Didn’t get any shots there. Too busy talking and eating.

After lunch we were treated to see a 4 ton Amethyst geode that had been sawed in half. It was in the lower lobby area. 

From there, we showed everyone the Phaeton, parked just a few dozen feet away. The most mentioned comment? “Damn, this is HUGE!” Hahahahaha… Yeah, it IS huge : )

We really had a great time! 

Tomorrow morning we continue on south toward Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and beyond. 

BTW, there are a few insanely odd things we’ve been discussing we want to do as we head south. We’re really glad you are coming along. If things get too strange we might need to reach out for help! Yeah, we’re (again) about to do something crazy. Stay tuned…

Remember, a LIVE broadcast tomorrow morning before we leave here.  Watch for it ; )

Jerry & Kathy