Hi Folks… as you can likely tell from the image I am scheduled as a presenter at the UFO Mega Conference this year. The conference is being held at the Aquarius Casino in Laughlin, Nevada March 24th through March 30th, 2019.

I know several of you are interested (or planning) to attend. I also know many of you will not be able to. Because many of you cannot attend, Kathy and I have a plan ; )

Our plan is to broadcast my 75 minute lecture LIVE onto our members only Facebook page, Connected. The schedule has me speaking from 11:45am until 1:00pm. We will certainly keep you posted with details as we get closer to the date. The archive from this broadcast will remain on our private Facebook page for those around the world in various time zones. We don’t want any of you to miss out. 

Additionally, we will occasionally broadcast LIVE on our public channel to help include you who could not be there with us. We love doing behind-the-scenes stuff, haha ; )

The Jerry Wills Show is scheduled for March 25th. Given the uncertainty of the travel needs for our trip to Laughlin I can’t say with certainty this show, or the one a week later (April 1st), will happen. However, Kathy & I will do our best to pull it off. I want to give you a “heads-up” just in case : )

Ok… What will I be covering? Here is the information I provided the organizers of the conference.


It is beyond the time when UFO’s and the associated phenomena are suspect. With hundreds of people sharing their video’s or photo’s, numerous others suggesting contact, and the stories of abduction, it is obvious there are “others” coming to Earth. The issue most focus on is disclosure. You need someone to tell you UFO’s are real…

Within any discussion about disclosure are arguments regarding why it has not occurred. Everyone has a theory. Several suggest they have the answer; The government won’t allow it. Why? No one really has a good answer except those who see conspiracy in every aspect of life. I don’t believe this is actually the entire story. There is, and has been, some powerful directing presence intent on keeping details hidden. Who? This answer might surprise you.

There is a very real and compelling aspects most have missed, and few know about firsthand. It is an obvious truth rarely discussed that has been staring every curious mind directly in their eyes. “They” have been here a very, very long time and have no plans to leave this world. “They” are here. Recognizing this, and accepting their presence among us leads the people of this world towards a new understanding.

Evidence from UFO sightings no longer “prove” their presence. That UFO’s are navigating our skies is completely obvious and well documented. The need for having someone in their lofty office stepping up to validate the truth is unnecessary. What is needed is to recognize our journey as a species has now ventured beyond the need for examination of sightings.

It’s time to explore evidence we have entered the next paradigm; Close Encounters of the Second Magnitude: They Live Among Us.