Kathy and I had a great conversation last night with our friend, Linda Howe. It was a long overdue catch-up between our worlds… And, there was a lot we each had to share.

One of the most amazing items I can tell you about (most things are confidential) is the discovery of something at the South Pole that really blew our mind. Instead of telling you what’s there, I think it best you take a look for yourself! Buried deep in the snow and ice for centuries ( or perhaps thousands of years) is something that will likely stop you in your tracks. Have a look…

Use these coordinates if using Google Earth: 72°00′ 36.00” S , 168° 34′ 40.00” E  (just copy and paste)

Use this link without Google Earth: STRANGE! (be certain to click satellite image)

I thing it wise if you read Linda’s report about this. It’s easy enough to think this is a spoof. However, what you will find out is that this has been on GE for several years in various aspects of being snow and ice covered. Now, the snow is melting and ice receding away fro the mountain more fully exposing the area. Linda is certain, and we firmly think, this is the real deal.

Here’s a link directly to the report: Earth Files report 

Aside from this startling news, I want to mention next Tuesday (Sept 10th) I will be at Gaia studios to film Open Minds with Regina Meredith. During his episode we will discuss the theory Kathy brought forward about the possible connection between earth quakes, tremors, and fault zones and unexplained phenomena.

After the interview, Kathy and I head southward with a brief stop in Colorado Springs overnight. After this, we continue on with our major stop being in Albuquerque, NM where we hope to meet up with Linda if she’s available. 

As we see it right now, we expect to spend a week or two between Albuquerque, Gallup, and the general four-corners area as we continue our investigation into UFO’s, Skin-Walkers, Bigfoot, and anything else we can turn up. Between the four corners area and Nevada is a great stretch of land where it’s common to hear first-hand reports of the strange and unexplainable.

We should have specific details worked out for you who are interested to join us on some part of this outing. I’ll post that information once we have a game plan. As you (should by now) understand, there is never any cost to join us on any of our research expeditions. However, it does have a cost since you are responsible for getting there and covering your expenses (meals, lodgings, vehicle/costs, entrance fees (if any). Additionally, if we have someone who acts as our guide it’s only right to offer this person something ($50 or so) to show appreciation. These folks never ask for anything and spend their own funds (fuel, lodging, meals) and take time away from their lives to be there for us. I feel confident you understand.

More later! Go take a look at what’s been found at the South Pole! It’s incredible : |

Jerry & Kathy