Hi Folks… I know it’s been awhile longer than I had thought. It seems everything we do right now involves 5 steps more than we figured. It has been exhausting. For the last 3 weeks we have been starting at 6:30am and going nonstop until (usually) 10pm.

It has been a lot of work, but we are nearly where we can take a breather and really examine how far we have come since beginning roughly 6 weeks ago. There has been nothing easy about this, and there have been numerous steps involved with each aspect. If anyone ever told me how much work this would have been I suppose I would has gotten a shiver.

Kathy has been amazing through this entire process. She has great ideas and a lot of know-how I had no idea she possessed.

This afternoon, and into this evening we both have been building the components into the broadcast console. I have a few more details to address. The microphone audio needs to be set, mixers needing balanced, and the compression device reset. I also need to do a few simpler things like setting the camera into place, routing a few wires before they become tangles, and installing the microphone fixture… Yeah I need another hole drilled, haha : )

Tomorrow (Friday) we start the big packing event for everything going to storage. The UHaul trailer is sitting just outside the door. Tools need to be packed, things sorted and stowed away. Finally, a good cleaning to remove all the grime we’ve brought in with tools and dirty feet, and a final farewell to all the sawdust lurking in corners.

Fingers crossed, we leave for Laughlin Saturday morning with our Jeep in tow. We should arrive by late afternoon. We’ll update you as we travel!

There you have it! a very long 6 weeks filled with moving from our house, installing the solar system, and a remodel of the Phaeton. We’re pretty excited… And especially excited you will be part of this journey!

The adventure is about to begin! And BTW… I will have a LIVE broadcast once we are situated in Laughlin : )

Best Wishes
Jerry & Kathy