Broadcast Date: August 9th, 2021
Broadcast Duration: 1:51:22

This broadcast features Derrel Sims: The Alien Hunter. Derrel is a longtime friend of ours and has agreed to drop in to tell us the most recent details from his ongoing investigation into abductions and hard evidence of UFOs.

Everything went exceptionally well during the first hour…

At the beginning of the second hour, Derrel and I were discussing a group abduction event. When he started telling us details something very strange occurred; Our entire broadcast console went black! Monitors, two sets of computer equipment, amplifiers, and our LIVE feed device (it’s like a powerful two-way radio we send out our signal onto) completely shut off for a minute. Then, without any warning, it powered back up again! The screens were scrambled requiring every aspect of the broadcast terminal to be quickly reprogrammed.

What you hear in this recording is not heard in the video. This recording was made by a third system we use to preserve the audio archive in the event the two main computers crash. You’ll hear me swearing and Kathy attempting to check systems with me. We did NOT lose power. Somehow, our equipment was shut down… Consider this a behind-the-scenes view during the event.