Hi Folks… This last week, Kathy and I have been staying at Quartzite, Arizona. Quartzite is a really different place. The local population (usually around 1,000 people) explodes this time of year. As winter season drops the temperatures elsewhere in the US, RVer’s head south. 

Many end up wintering in and around the Quartzite region. There are hundreds of miles of wilderness, flat desert with few rocks and sparse vegetation. You enter the desert off the main highway and follow dirt roads to the horizon. Parking anywhere on this desert landscape for any duration is easy because most of the area is BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land. You can stay for 2 weeks, move, and stay for another 2 weeks… on and on if you like that sort of thing. 

There are also many RV campgrounds here. All of them rent by the day, week, or month for roughly half (or less) of what it costs elsewhere in the US. They also offer yearly rent ($1,750). But honestly, it is a very bad choice to be here during the summer. 

The temperatures rise well over 120º during the day and hover around 100º at night. To get out during the day is ridiculous because exposure to the sun is brutally intense. Want a tan? It’s easy and very quick here. What you don’t want is a heat stroke (been there done that). The relative humidity runs around 5%… You lose moisture just by breathing. Your body heats up quickly here… and there isn’t much water or shade.

The Next Show
I had a guest lined up for Monday. Then, a few hours ago we were informed he couldn’t come on after all. That’s a bummer… Of course, we have many others to connect with and we will next week. I’ll keep you informed.

What’s Next
Kathy has been researching several ancient sites around the area. Tomorrow we plan to spend the day traveling to these places to see them for ourselves. The drone of charged up and ready… We will try to broadcast LIVE from one of these sites tomorrow. I suspect it will be into the LIVE Broadcasts page on FB. Be sure to have your alert on and that you are a member of that page.

Ok, that’s all for now…
Jerry & Kathy