This research expedition is open to ALL members of our community.
If you plan to join us, we would like to know as soon as possible. That mentioned, it is fine if you decide at the last minute if you are camping. However, it might be an issue at the RV park and the hosting family should be aware ahead of time (only polite). The RV park and the family have limited space available. 

Date: April 30th ~ May 3rd
Plan to arrive the afternoon of Friday, April 30th
We plan to depart the morning of Monday, May 3rd
We will advise everyone where we are once we are set up. Otherwise, you can check our GPS beacon. Also, you might text me (Jerry) at 602-903-8141 for any needs you have.

Kathy and I will be staying at the following location
We have changed our parking location. We’ve found the place we were going to stay is without amenities a few others need to be comfortable. 

Plus, it’s a dust bowl : (  Not kidding…

This is not good considering we expect high winds this weekend. It will be a huge mess for everyone. Breathing this dust can cause respiratory issues… It just is not safe.

You should immediately contact Eunice to make your reservation: 520-887-3501 

Prince of Tucson RV Park
3501 N Freeway
Tucson, AZ  85705 

Please confirm you have received this information

Directions to RV park 

We do not recommend you camp. Temperatures will be near 100º. If you do not have an RV (Camper, trailer, etc) you should get a nearby motel.

Keep in mind, this is the wilderness of the Sonoran Desert. It can get VERY hot here! It is projected to be 100º while we are there. You will need sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. 

Plan to bring adequate water while hiking. You WILL become sunburned and dehydrated quickly in this environment.

Bring energy bars (snacks) for the hike.

You should have electrolytes to rehydrate your body. Coconut water is good. There are numerous powdered additives available to add to water as well. The risk is losing electrolytes from sweating. This can severely weaken you.

We will be hiking into a mountainous area. Your footwear needs to accommodate severe terrain. Tennis shoes will not do. Cactus and sharp rocks will tear them up and you will be hurt.

Bring your camera to help us document what John and Myra plan to show us, and anything new discovered.  Photo’s and video will be shared with our community. Kathy and I plan to edit together a short documentary of this adventure. We hope to use your footage and photos. If we use your material, you will be acknowledged in the credits.

The Roman Crosses, and other artifacts, are in a museum in downtown Tucson. Because they have limited their operating hours we might not make it there this trip. Additionally, they require a mask and “socialism distancing”. Kathy and I are not too keen on this and prefer to wait until America is free again before we visit this location.

Check back on this page for updates…