May 30th, 2020

Hi Folks…
Kathy and I are in Beatty, Nevada, gearing up for an exciting journey and an intriguing expedition. Tomorrow morning we set off on a two-hour journey north to an almost forgotten place named Coaldale, located just beyond Tonopah, NV. This desolate spot, at the junction of Highway 95 and Highway 6, is a ghost town, a collection of crumbling buildings whispering tales of a bygone era. But that’s not all – Coaldale sits amidst a landscape dotted with remnants of ancient volcanoes, cinder cones, and craters.

Recently, this area has become a hotbed of seismic activity. Hundreds of earthquakes have been rattling this region, including a significant 6.5 quake a week ago and a 4.0 just moments ago. This constant swarm of tremors, ranging from minor quakes to more substantial shakes, has made Coaldale the epicenter of this unusual activity.

With the landscape continuously shifting beneath our feet, we’ve decided to park the Phaeton in the most stable location we can find. If our cell coverage holds up, we plan to broadcast live from Coaldale, with the hope of being on-air during one of these earthquakes. We’ve postponed our departure to Saturday morning for a very practical reason – the sweltering heat. Temperatures are expected to drop to the more bearable 80s tomorrow, a welcome change from today’s scorching 107º.

Once we set the Phaeton’s engine humming, our GPS beacon will be active, keeping you updated on our whereabouts. And, if we’re feeling adventurous enough to hike to the crater of the nearby volcano, we’ll bring the device along and attempt to broadcast from the edge of the crater using our phones.

I can sense your excitement, mirrored by Kathy, albeit with a hint of apprehension. But the thrill of being at the heart of such a dynamic geological phenomenon is truly irresistible!

After our Coaldale adventure, we’re planning to head south to Goldfield, NV, for a day or two. It’s here that I’ll bring you the next episode of Paranormal Stories, sharing the intriguing tale of how I came into possession of the mysterious crystal ball – a story deeply intertwined with Goldfield itself.

Here’s a link to that broadcast: Paranormal Stories Ep4

We’re banking on a strong signal in Goldfield to ensure our broadcast goes smoothly, but I’ll keep you posted on any connectivity issues.

No need to worry about us – we’re seasoned adventurers, after all! But do keep in touch and let us know if you have any questions or thoughts. We’re always excited to hear from you!

Best Wishes
Jerry & Kathy

PS… I will also post a few details on our public FB page later this evening. Depending on our cell service, we might need to broadcast directly onto our public FB page. Sometimes this is necessary because we have no way to broadcast otherwise. For some weird reason, FB is always the easiest and most reliable to broadcast into.